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Study: Germans talk to make themselves feel better

At the end of Mental Health Week under the motto "Talking lifts your spirits", a new study underlines that almost half of Germans talk to make themselves feel better.

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On a conversational journey: You only learn more about yourself and the possibilities when you reveal more about yourself.

"I have been on a conversation journey since 2019. At the beginning, the journey didn't have a name because it wasn't consciously designed as a journey ..." René is on the road and discovering life.

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The effect of conversations on our mental health

Language enables us to exchange what moves us in our innermost being. This can be very relieving psychologically and promote inner balance. Nora Hille from FemalExperts magazine explains why.

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Talking connects - talking helps

Since a few days, you can find REDEZEIT FÜR DICH in the help finder of Freunde fürs Leben e. V. . We would therefore like to take this opportunity to introduce Freunde fürs Leben e. V. in our blog.

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"Don't give me rainbows now": This is how queer-sensitive listening works

In his contribution, Coach Sy Legath explains the challenges queer people face in everyday life and why it makes sense to turn to queer-sensitive professionals.

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