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💚 How do you live Mental Health in your company? How much do you value the mental health of your employees? 💚

The visibility of a corporate culture is complicated. On the one hand, there are "visible" elements, quasi on the surface. On the other hand, in the depths of the company, below the surface, there are also "invisible" elements. These include collective feelings, perceptions, experiences, beliefs and values. Whether values are really lived or people act influenced by collective experiences, however, is not initially apparent.

Our offer of assistance makes trust-based corporate culture visible. 

👉🏻 EVERWHERE: Uncomplicated access to the online platform for your employees.

👉🏻 EVERYTIME: All employees find the right listener without long waiting times.

👉🏻 INTRACULTURAL: REDEZEIT takes place in the language of the employees and understands their cultural background and the possible conflicts of values.

👉🏻 CONFIDENTIAL: Maximum confidentiality and strict protection of the anonymity of employees.

Get in touch and send us an email to hallo@virtualsupporttalks.de.

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