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REDEZEIT FÜR DICH (engl. SPEAKING TIME FOR YOU) #virtualsupporttalks is a platform of over 350 German speaking and over 70 different other languages speaking coaches, therapists and psychologists trained in listening who volunteer their ears and listen to other people. And they do so free of charge and without obligation. They want to send a signal of hope and support in difficult times.

The initiative is non-profit, society-oriented and free of charge for everyone. It was founded in March 2020 by four practising coaches from Hamburg and pursues neither economic nor political or religious goals. All listeners at REDEZEIT listen regardless of the topic, origin, background, identity, sexuality, religion or political views.

Our Purpose. Our Mission, Vision and Values.

We, the initiative, believe that it is important that people should be more aware of their own psychological burdens and limitations and also be able to talk more openly about them with others around them. Furthermore, social values such as listening and engagement are extremely important to us.

We are committed to supporting the mental health of society. Our services are not a substitute for professional coaching or therapy. Our help is short-term for people in need who absolutely have to talk to someone quickly.

Lea Tegenkamp

Lea looks after our community and our blog.

"Talking helps. This saying is true in many cases, but really hard to implement in even more situations. Sometimes we lack words, images or time. But sometimes we are also worried about how our counterparts will react to what we have said. Whether they will evaluate it. Whether they really understand it. Whether they will treat us the same way afterwards. 

Real listening requires courage, serenity, non-judgement and trust. In my abilities and in those of the other person. When these aspects come together, we feel not only heard, but also seen and understood. REDEZEIT creates a space in which all this comes to the fore and enables connection. 

Accepting listening is also an important building block in my profession as a systemic therapist, so I feel very much at home in this initiative and am very happy to help shape it.

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Nadine Grigo

Nadine takes care of our partners and cooperations.

"REDEZEIT FÜR DICH offers support to people in stressful situations in a psychologically safe virtual space. A better understanding of each other is developed when we talk. Crises can be better managed and our togetherness is strengthened. We rediscover ourselves again and again and are invited to make the best of it.

I like to bring people together to share and strengthen the power of community. When we share perspectives and opinions, we develop as people and as a society. We support each other and our living space becomes much more colourful."

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Bernhard Hinsken

Bernhard takes care of our social media presence.

This great project is incredibly important and many more people need to know about it. It is a very bad feeling when you have no one to talk to and no one to listen to you. That's why REDEZEIT FÜR DICH is so important, especially in a world that is becoming increasingly fast and anonymous. Social media is an important part of this. Because here people can get in touch who are otherwise very lonely or don't dare to talk to others about their fears, worries and problems. I am therefore very pleased to be able to contribute my expertise and support the project.

I have turned my passion into a profession and am allowed to support companies and personal brands of different sizes in their social media appearances. I spend a lot of my free time on the hockey pitch. Either I am at my youngest child's training or I play/train myself and am an important support for my team as a goalkeeper. Otherwise, I like to go mountain biking - yes, you can do that in the Ruhr area - and running."

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Katja Martinho Lotz

Katja cares deeply about our family target groups.

"As a passionate systemic coach, I deal with both individuals and teams. At REDEZEIT für Dich, I not only get to contribute to my personal mission of "Mental Health for All", but I can also deal with a very special kind of team that is especially close to my heart: families. With our work, I want to help strengthen families and make them more resilient so that they can better deal with the current challenges. 

Apart from that, I like my own family a lot most of the time :-), love to hike alone or together, could watch the sea for hours, love to eat and cook well, and explicitly cultivate my Spanish roots."

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Friederike Hepner-Ramm

Friederike looks after REDEZEIT Silver.

"Redezeit is a great project that I am very happy to support Finding someone to talk to, especially when you are not doing well, is a great offer.

I have worked as a coach and mediator for many years. I am a burn-out and resilience trainer and offer team days for social institutions. I give lectures and seminars on various topics. And even though I am already over 60, I am always happy to take on new tasks and learn new things.

My colourful and multi-layered life has taught me above all that every person is different and has individual needs. It is a great pleasure for me to respond to this."

More to Friederike.

Eric Rost

Eric takes care of the numbers, data and facts and makes visible what seems invisible.

"Statistics is love, statistics if life ...

This motto can be used to describe my love and suffering of daily life. I am Eric! My certificate says that I am an epidemiologist, but in fact I have a heart for all sciences and would be called a data scientist in the modern job market. I love extracting information from data and explaining and presenting it in a way that absolutely everyone can understand. Even more so, I'm actually just on fire for the direct teaching of statistics and statistical analysis and feel pretty comfortable from collecting initial analysis objectives to the finished questionnaire to the results report."

More about Eric.

Annett Lossack

Annett writes for the REDEZEIT FÜR DICH website and co-designs our reading time blog.

"There are more than 300,000 words to describe and tell about life. An infinite number of word combinations are possible, the personal choice makes it your story. Good news literally flies into the world, worries and fears sometimes get "stuck in our throats". How liberating it is to simply say EVERYTHING once. Without judgement, without "ifs and buts". That's why, together with many others, I listen to what's burning under your nails at REDEZEIT FÜR DICH, about health and family, about job and superiors, how fear tastes, or how narrow and dark it feels in the dead end. 

Our blog is a colourful diary with interesting expert contributions and reports on experiences. While browsing, you can catch your breath, discover new things, take a different turn with your thoughts and draw courage and confidence.

When I'm not experimenting with words, as a coach and momentum builder I support people in jumping over life's hurdles more easily and rediscovering happiness. Again, words are the personal keys to undiscovered doors that open new spaces for thinking and living."

More to Annett.

Markus Siering

Markus cares a lot about the website.

"I started building my first websites almost 20 years ago. It took a few more years until the hobby turned into a full profession - in the meantime I know quite a bit about building websites and complex applications.

When Florian told me about Redezeit and how the website was maintained back then™, it was immediately clear to me: I can support here. Here I can use my skills in a very concrete way to offer people support and help during the pandemic.

For over a year now, I have therefore been responsible for the technical set-up of the website, adding new things and even cleaning up after myself from time to time. Talk time between my current self and my former self, so to speak 😊 "

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Ute von Chamier

Ute looks after the commercial management and organisational development (OE).

Even as a teenager I wanted to strengthen the connection between people - in the family, at school, in the works council, at work and finally as a coach. Especially as a family constellator, it became all the more clear to me that it is always about the connection between people, especially when it comes to arguments, anger, hopelessness, sadness - in other words, feelings.

The pandemic prevents connection. That is why TALKING is so important, because TALKING connects, even with those you are talking about. Talking helps to understand, to forgive, to get better. That's why I love the idea behind REDEZEIT FÜR DICH.

To Ute's website.

Viktoria Kux

Viktoria takes care of our social media presence.

"I am firmly convinced that such a great project as REDEZEIT needs to become much better known out there so that our listeners can help even more people with their problems and challenges. Social media plays a big role in this and I am happy to support the team with my knowledge in this area.

In my free time, I like to travel and I am passionate about cooking. Soon, however, the "family addition" project will probably take up most of my time. I'm looking forward to that."

More to Viktoria.

Florian Schleinig

Florian takes care of communication as well as strategic and operational management.

"When we wrote the message REDEZEIT FÜR DICH on a tile as an offer to help, I never realised that we would be starting a founding story. That we would be laying the foundation stone for a non-profit and thoroughly voluntary social start-up. Looking back, every day has been the best investment and lesson for a piece of my personality.

In the meantime, REDEZEIT has become my Ikigai ❤️ The Japanese concept, which can be roughly translated as "meaning of life", is becoming increasingly popular in this country. After all, it is considered the key to a healthy and happy life. And somehow working with this great team and the many volunteer listeners gives me a lot of strength and energy. They drive me to constantly take on new challenges that are important for the growth of REDEZEIT. Through all of them I can grow beyond myself.

I am very grateful for that!"

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Julia Hisserich

Julia takes care of our partners and cooperations.

But right now her family has priority and we are looking forward to her having more time for us again soon ❤️✌🏻


If you want to help make a difference in people's mindsets and are passionate about shaping the future by being passionate about Mental Health, then come and join our team. 💚🙏🏻

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