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You can offer listening time?

We thank you and would like to give you a little handling along the way:

The initiative is always non-profit, society-oriented and pro bono for everyone. It was founded by four practising coaches from Hamburg and pursues neither economic nor political or religious goals. We want to send a signal of hope and support in difficult times.

We believe that talking helps to better perceive one's own psychological burdens and limits, and that it is important to be able to talk about them more openly with others in the environment as well. In addition, social values such as listening and engagement are very important to us. Talking connects and leads to an open, reflective, empathetic society.

Talking time can be offered by trained, professional therapists, psychologists and coaches who enjoy people and want to do something meaningful. Talks are always free of charge and are arranged directly between REDEZEIT users and listeners.

You can ask our compliancy rules here. All coaches who join REDEZEIT and dedicate themselves in the service of people who need to talk, commit/comply to these rules.

Our Mindset as a Listener

As trained listeners, we know what we are doing. Nevertheless, here are our recommendations for a helpful and meaningful approach /mindset.  

  • For the duration of the conversation, we give our undivided attention our undivided attention.

  • We respond, but do not judge. We are aware that every person lives their life individually and faces their own personal challenges.

  • We listen regardless of the topic raised, origin, background, identity, sexuality, religious or political views.

  • We try not to interrupt.

  • We give the other person space to open up and discover/explore.

  • Of course, your own personal limits also apply in this context.

  • Let the other person know when the time is up.

  • Let the other person know if you feel uncomfortable with a topic.

  • Refer to psychotherapeutic or medical services if you see the need.

  • Take care of yourself. Think carefully about how much time and space you can give.

How do you get started?

Apply with us! Please write an email to hallo@virtualsupporttalks.de with your name, your listening points (maximum 3 points), a picture and the URL to your website or an email address with which we may integrate you on the page.

We also ask you to sign our compliance rules and send us the signed document via email. You can sign the PDF or sign a printout. 

Then make your participation in REDEZEIT known in your social networks. You are much more likely to receive referrals. In return, we will send you lots of pictures, texts and videos after you have joined our REDEZEIT network. You can use this material on Instagram, Facebook, other networks or your website to inform your followers.

Of course, you can also be creative yourself and design your own motifs and texts. Please continue to refer to REDEZEIT FÜR DICH and use the hashtag #virtualsupporttalks - this way we increase the chance that the initiative will grow and become better known.

I wish you wonderful, profound, funny, sad and above all honest conversations.

the REDEZEITteam

❗️ We would like to help arriving refugees and support them in their language with listeners.❗️

For this we are urgently looking for Ukrainian and Russian speaking trained coaches, therapists and psychologists to voluntarily help Ukrainian refugees who are going through emotional crises. ✳️

Write us an email to hallo@virtualsupporttalks.de.