You can offer listening time?

What you bring with you.

  • You are trained as a coach, therapist or psychologist.

  • You would like to enrich your professional commitment with a different approach by offering quick and uncomplicated help to people in need of speech.

  • You arrange the listening appointment directly and promptly with our listeners pro bono


This is how we work.

We are convinced that talking helps. We offer people easy access to get to know themselves better and encourage them to actively seek and also accept help in difficult situations. Talking connects and leads to an open, reflective, empathetic society.

  • For the duration of the conversation, we give our conversation partner our undivided attention.

  • We resonate, but do not judge. We are aware that each person lives his or her life individually and faces very personal challenges.

  • We listen regardless of the topic brought up, origin, background, identity, sexuality, religion or political views.

  • We try not to interrupt.

  • We give the other person space to open up and discover.

  • Of course, your personal boundaries also apply within this framework.

  • Let your partner know when the time is up.

  • Tell your counterpart openly if you feel uncomfortable with a topic.

  • Refer to psychotherapeutic or medical services if you see an indication.

  • Take care of yourself. Think carefully about how much time and space you can give.

That's how you're in.

  1. Apply with us! Please email us at with your name, listening points (maximum 3 points), a picture and the URL to your website or an email address that we may publish on our website.

  2. Please sign our compliance policy and enclose it with your application email.

  3. You will receive our confirmation.

  4. Show yourself as a listener in real life and in your social networks (#virtualsupporttalks). We will send you texts, pictures and tiles for your website.

Wonderful, profound, funny, sad and above all honest conversations wish you 💚

Apply to join us as a listener!

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We are partner of Action Alliance for Mental Health.

The Action Alliance for Mental Health is a nationwide initiative that was launched in 2006. In the meantime, more than 120 member organisations are involved, among them mainly self-help associations of those affected and relatives of people with mental illnesses. Numerous associations from the fields of psychiatry and health promotion are also involved and network for the common cause - the destigmatisation of mental illness.

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