Am I happy? About quiet happiness and how I can ask it into my life!

20 March is the day of happiness, a good time to go on a journey of discovery. To myself and my feelings and out into the world of happy people. What do I feel at the moment? Has it always been like this or has my feeling of happiness changed along my life's journey? Do I feel a different happiness than I did at the end of my school years and why?

I ask and exchange ideas with the happiness trainer and expert Annett Lossack on the topic: "How can I learn happiness". We talk about happy coincidences, feelings, desires, virtues and character traits. Together we will examine meaning and life plans, the influence of being creatively active and personal development opportunities on our well-being. As different as theories, methods and tools may be, our individual happiness is actually an active decision or attitude towards life. Happiness rarely happens all by itself, but we can take responsibility for it, so that it finds us with its individual face.

My little quiet happiness is the warm rays of the sun and when you hold me in your arms.

(N. Hille)

In the current column "Mental health: How quiet or loud is your happiness?", written by Nora Hille for the online magazine femalExperts, she addresses the following aspects:

▶ Does the view of personal happiness change over the course of my life?

▶ What does happiness feel like?

▶ Is happiness self-sufficiency?

▶ A move to happiness or where happy people live - The Happiness Atlas.

▶ To strengthen mental health, mindfully collect small moments of happiness.

▶ Happy or Lucky? The languages of happiness.

▶ Happiness research: between Freudian desires and Seligman's emotions.

▶ How happiness teaching and personality development contribute to well-being.

▶ 5 obstacles to happiness and how I can avoid them.

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Source: World Happiness Report 2022, (Access: 12. Januar 2023).

Annett Lossack

About the author

Annett Lossack is part of the REDEZEIT FÜR DICH blog team and is there as a listener for all worries about jobs, family and the future.

As a coach and momentum builder, she supports people in jumping over life's hurdles and helps to rediscover happiness. Words are keys to undiscovered doors, her texts are the access to new information and open new spaces of thinking and living.