The need of the people currently affected by #war and #refugee is great. What can we do now? How can we help in a meaningful and effective way? Like many others, we at REDEZEIT FÜR DICH #virtualsupporttalks have been preoccupied with this question since last week.

We have decided to become part of the #Alliance4Ukraine, which is currently being formed from civil society organisations, foundations and companies. We see ourselves as a coordinating alliance that aims to create an ecosystem of interlocking solutions to combat the consequences of war.

We are posting this here today because we believe that our network of volunteer listeners and REDEZEIT friends is one of the greatest treasures that we as REDEZEIT FÜR DICH can contribute in the current situation. So here are a few ways you can get involved:

OFFERS: Is your company or organisation now ready to provide support for existing initiatives and projects - through staff, skills, time capacities or financial resources? Then sign up here: ▶️ https://lnkd.in/daD6c_vF

You will get access to a Slack space and upcoming matching calls (video conferences).

NEEDS: You are helping with your existing support initiative yourself and have support needs? ▶️ https://lnkd.in/d8tJPGVN

You can find examples of fields of action and initiatives that need and could receive support on the Alliance website: ▶️ https://lnkd.in/dRkXGnwv

✔️ What does the #Alliance4Ukraine do? We provide support services to the appropriate initiatives and organisations as quickly as possible and in line with their needs. Our goal is to direct as many resources as possible to existing solutions and to strengthen the existing - primarily civil society - structures that enable and facilitate the reception of people on the run in particular.

❌ What does the #Alliance4Ukraine NOT do? With a focus on coordination and matching, we want to avoid duplicate structures. It is now important to channel aid efficiently and effectively, so we do not support the launching of new initiatives. We do not refer private individuals or coordinate their support. We do not organise transports, relief supplies or escape routes. There are already many organisations and networks in this field that do professional work.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Many, many thanks to all who contribute, to all partners of the alliance and to ProjectTogether for kicking us off! #StandWithUkraine 💙💛