REDEZEIT FÜR DICH means SPEAKING TIME FOR YOU. We support you against insecurities, self-doubt, loneliness, anger, helplessness, frustration, restlessness, being overwhelmed and everything that negatively occupies a person, with speaking time provided free of charge by conversation partners for all life issues.

We want to help you through these challenging times and send a positive signal of interpersonal friendliness to all people in the world. 

On this page you will find participating listeners speaking different languages with their contact details.

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We work pro bono and do not earn any money with the initiative. However, we are happy to receive donations.

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Um viele Menschen gut in schwierigen Zeiten unterstützen zu können, freuen wir uns über deine Rückmeldung wie deine REDEZEIT FÜR DICH Erfahrung war. Schick uns anonym dein Feedback.

We support the Mental Health Offensive.

This is carried out jointly by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

You can find more information on the website at http://www.offensive-psychische-gesundheit.de.

Our purpose. Our mission, vision and values.

REDEZEIT FÜR DICH (engl. SPEAKING TIME FOR YOU) #virtualsupporttalks is a platform of over 350 coaches, therapists and psychologists trained in listening who volunteer their ears and listen to other people. And they do so free of charge and without obligation. They want to send a signal of hope and support in difficult times.

The initiative is non-profit, society-oriented and free of charge for everyone. It was founded in March 2020 by four practising coaches from Hamburg and pursues neither economic nor political or religious goals. All listeners at REDEZEIT listen regardless of the topic, origin, background, identity, sexuality, religion or political views.

We, the initiative, believe that it is important that people should be more aware of their own psychological burdens and limitations and also be able to talk more openly about them with others around them. Furthermore, social values such as listening and engagement are extremely important to us.

We are committed to supporting the mental health of society. Our services are not a substitute for professional coaching or therapy. Our help is short-term for people in need who absolutely have to talk to someone quickly.

Why is mental health so important?

Stresses on the psyche such as separations, grief, burnout or any kind of conflict can, if they last longer, be massively detrimental to mental health and still often lead to rejection and exclusion: those affected experience a lack of understanding in social life.