Mental Health in the Digital Age - A Mental Health Study with Appinio

The Corona pandemic came with many restrictions - no events, no restaurant visits, no club sports, lack of social contacts. Day in and day out, one was confronted with the Corona news from all over the world within one's own four walls. Add to that the fear for one's own health and the well-being of family and friends. Today, although the worst of the Corona pandemic is over, it has left its mark and it is not the only crisis to overcome. Inevitable climate change, political uncertainties, war in Europe and the energy crisis have a firm grip on Germans and the rest of the world. REDEZEIT FÜR DICH #virtualsupporttalks and Appinio asked 1,000 people in a recent representative study (by age and gender) on mental health how they are really doing. 

REDEZEIT FÜR DICH #virtualsupporttalks ist ein Start-up aus Hamburg, welches ehrenamtliche Coaches, Therapeuten und Psychologen mit Leuten verbindet, die nach einem offenen Ohr zum Reden suchen. 


What is mental health?

Depression, burnout, anxiety disorders - when mental health is mentioned, most people think of these and other illnesses. But the term encompasses much more than that and also includes general satisfaction and emotional balance, which can be influenced positively and negatively by many different factors. 


How do external events influence mental health?

One factor, for example, is external events such as the Corona pandemic. The majority of Germans state that this has had a somewhat to very negative impact on their own mental health (80%). But looking into the future also triggers insecurity: 66% of the participants are (rather) anxious about the future with regard to current crises. This fear is more prevalent among the older generation, such as the 55 to 65 year olds (30%), while it is comparatively only 10% among Gen Z. Yet women in particular are on average more anxious than men. Almost 27 percent confirm that they are very anxious with regard to the upcoming crises, while among men it is about half (15%). Three out of four Germans confirm that their personal well-being is (somewhat) influenced by new social or political crises (74%). What is striking here is that mainly participants aged 16 to 24 also feel this unease (61%) compared to people aged 55 to 65 (48%).

See the whole study result: here!

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