Is New Work driving me into exhaustion depression? Episode 2

In episode 1 of our two-part series, we looked at the background, causes and triggers of exhaustion depression. causes and triggers of fatigue depression. Knowledge is the first step to change, so we've put together 5 practical tips to help you take the second step. so that you can also take the second step.

The recipe to try out - if you have doubts or uncertainties, please ask your head, listen to your heart and feel in your gut.

1. Show your colours

Am I going to carry on like this today? A little reality check while brushing my teeth in the evening: Did the powerful curse pass my lips faster than a nice sentence for my counterpart today? Was I able to share the joy and enthusiasm with my child, who was interested in inserting a brick into the designated hole for 5 minutes? Could I resist the impulse to finally put the thing in? Did I really hear what my partner or my child was saying? Yes? Otherwise, tomorrow I will listen to myself, consciously take breaks and pay more attention to myself and my needs. to myself and my needs.

2. Draw boundaries

As a child we experienced it differently, as parents we sometimes find it difficult to find the optimum. find the optimum. Let's start with ourselves! As personally and individually as is right for us. Let's draw up our personal boundary map and colourfully draw in our work, free and family spaces, circle around time-outs for sport, art and leisure, design a schedule and window for news and social media.

3. Aesthetics instead of self-optimisation

Our organs are functioning, everyday life is driving us up, the mental data centre is humming. Theoretically, this could be done even more smoothly and we are already surfing the various gurus for suitable methods. Why don't you try the goose bump effect? Find out which stimulus transforms your skin into mountains and valleys, releases inspiring emotions and thus happiness messengers. The spectrum ranges from forests and nature to pictures, music and all facets of art. What is pleasing to the eye relaxes and brings you back down and body and soul back into harmony.

4. Paving the way to a better future

Many plants grow from a small seed. But for parsley to sprout green and juicy, it also needs a suitable environment, water, nutrients and a little love. How do we live diligence, perseverance and perfectionism in the family? What value do good grades have? Is a mixture of empathy, understanding, faith and methodical strengthening of resources our family secret recipe for fertiliser in our family? How do we show our children how to deal with pressure to perform? Or do the successful versions of our children dance in our heads as winners and victors?

5. Nurturing, shaping, growing as an individual and as a community

Recognising connections, starting with oneself, living common values in the team and creating and living a corporate culture together are effective steps to no longer exceed the limits of resilience. Then sleepless nights, lack of energy and low performance will be a thing of the past. In this way, everyone can benefit from empowerment and New Work and banish slavery to the history books once and for all.

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Annett Lossack

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