Ute von Chamier

After studying social sciences with a focus on social psychology, I first went into the free economy. I simply lacked the practical relevance. As a businesswoman with many years of professional experience in personnel and process work, I was then fed up with practice and again felt like a bit of theory.

This was followed by further training as a mentor in the cross-mentoring program FiM, further training in systemic-phenomenological family constellations and in systemic-constructivist organizational constellations, as a mindfulness trainer for meditation & stress management, with Dr. Michael Bohne in Process and Embodiment Focused Psychology (PEP I) as well as studies of psychotherapeutic approaches. 
 I am also a student at the Arthur Findlay College for Spiritual Philosophy, Healing, Consciousness, Mediality in Stansted. This is weird, but incredibly exciting. My special interest is in high sensitivity, mediality, near-death experiences, death visions and other sensual experiences.
I live on a fruit farm in Finkenwerder and enjoy nature.