Christian Stegemann

For more than 18 years I have been accompanying manufacturers of daily consumer goods in strategic and operative questions of brand building and communication. As a long-standing executive with personnel responsibility, I am very familiar with group dynamic processes and the pitfalls of interpersonal communication. At regular intervals I am invited as a speaker or guest lecturer to lectures or courses. In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors, in my carpentry workshop, writing, reading and above all with my friends and family.
Since my earliest childhood my interest in people and their soul life has accompanied me: how they feel, think, remember, forget and act. A few years ago this led to the desire to actively accompany people in their search for solutions. After dealing with different coaching approaches, trainings and providers in the field of counselling, therapy and coaching, I decided with great enthusiasm and very consciously to train as a systemic consultant (DGSF).
In my practice in Hamburg I offer systemic consulting for individuals, couples and families. In addition, I coach entrepreneurs and executives in questions of professional and personal development and accompany teams and working groups in conflict resolution and improvement of the working atmosphere.