Annika Reiß

As the head of human resources of a management consultancy, it was part of my job to meet the needs of a wide range of parties by motivating and supporting them and showing them new ways of doing things. During this time I carried out various change processes and took with me the fact that there are no ready-made concepts for change, but that every topic has to be dealt with anew.
Among other things, this realization, working with people and being able to help them to tackle change made me feel that I want more. I therefore decided to found Nxt Step Coaching in order to pursue my passion further and to be able to support my clients step by step in their solution or decision making process.

Open-minded. Empathic. Familiar.

I work with passion on each person and look at each individual topic anew. Every step my clients take towards a breath-taking result makes me happy and I am happy when they finish the coaching with more clarity and focus. In my coaching sessions I meet with empathy, familiarity and open-mindedness. Patience and a solution-oriented work without pressure are automatically part of it for me. 

My professional career        

  • Personnel and business coach & consultant
  • many years of professional experience in the HR sector in medium-sized companies and large corporations    
  • Certified Systemic Business Coach (University of Applied Sciences)    
  • relaxation therapist    
  • Proof of vocational and work-pedagogical qualification (trainer)    
  • Studied economics; specialisation in personnel and change management    
  • Commercial training